Sustainable Spirits

We are committed to building a distillery which is groundbreaking in its sustainable achievements. We are constantly meeting new challenges but from being the UK’s first carbon neutral distillery, to winning a Master classification in green initiatives from the Spirits Business, we’re doing okay. For a deep dive read our sustainability report, or take a look at our headline achievements below.



mitigating food waste

We make most of our spirits from surplus produce from local farmers or the food system. In fact, the spirits we make are dictated by what is surplus or byproduct. Its our raison d'être. That’s why we specialise in fruit brandies and rums, spirits where the raw materials are local to us and not suitable for supermarkets.



100% renewable power

Our stills and equipment, our distillery operations and our bottling line - powered by green electricity. Using an electric still instead of running a gas steam boiler is more expensive, but we believe fossils fuels have to remain in the ground.



TOWArds Zero Plastic, Zero Chemicals, Zero Waste

What we take in is surplus, but we also focus on what goes out. Our own organic waste feeds local boar. Our total non-recyclable waste output is one bag every 6-8 weeks. We don’t use any non-biodegradable chemicals, and where we absolutely have to use plastics we use plant based options.



Carbon neutral for all spirits

We are the first distillery in the UK to demonstrate carbon neutrality, and our assessment covers all distillery operations. This ensures that, even though we have a light touch on the lands, any emissions in our supply chain are understood, assessed, and offset with carbon credits.