A Unique Distillery

We're a carbon-neutral micro-distillery on a mission to develop breathtaking spirits the slow way. We're honest about what we do and how we do it and we aim to be a positive influence on our community.  We're called Greensand Ridge after the hills that surround the Weald, from where we source our flavours. Read more about our name here.


Incredible spirits

At the heart of our business are the products we make.  We make Gins, Fruit Brandies and Rums, an unusual set of spirits, but ones we can make from surplus produce or byproducts, while also echoing the flavours of the lands around us.


redefining sustainability

We're building a craft distillery with the mission to reduce food waste at the farm gate by fermenting and distilling quality produce that supermarket's won't take.

By some estimates, 75% of food waste occurs at the farm gate and is a huge cost for farmers. 


unique experiences

Our distillery is located in open countryside, housed in a victorian coach house with soaring beamed spaces, sweeping vistas and an enchanting courtyard. Come and learn to make gin, or host a premium private event. 

How we tackle sustainability

We haven't cracked it by any stretch, but we are trying. And the more we learn, the more we can improve and share our experiences with other distillers. Here are some of the areas we're focussing on first.

Mitigating Food Waste

By some estimates, 75% of food waste occurs at the farm gate and is a huge cost for farmers. Addressing this will take changes throughout the food industry and shifting perceptions by consumers. However, we can help to support farmers by providing a price for produce that would otherwise be waste.

Reducing emissions

Distilling is hugely energy intensive. Your average micro-distillery burns 8 cubic meters of gas a day. That is not acceptable to us. We selected a still that is electric powered so that we can source our energy from a sustainable source. We use Good Energy, where 100% of the energy mix is renewable.

Minimising Chemical use

We aim not to use any chemicals in our distillation process. Our still is cleaned internally with hot water recovered during distillation. We clean our bottles with high pressure air. And we are trialling a number of natural products for applications such as fermentation vessels.

Eliminating waste

Plastic, pallets, pomace, packaging... We get through a fair amount of materials. But we reuse or recycle 100% of it.  Our biodigester munches up our organic liquid effluent, powered by green electricity. We compost our spent botanicals, and our pressed apple pommace goes to cattle feed.