PX Cask Gin, 50cl


PX Cask Gin, 50cl


An unbelievably smooth and complex sipping gin, matured ten months in Pedro-Ximenez Sherry Casks for a rare treat.

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Our PX Cask Gin is a rare and unique expression of what a cask-aged gin can truly be.  Of all our spirits it has the most robust flavour, the biggest mouthfeel and the greatest complexity, even in a spirit that is as smooth and silky as honey. 

We first distil our multi-award winning London Dry Gin with a slightly altered recipe to add a little more citrusy brightness and moderate some of the woody elements of the unaged release.

We then age the spirit in Pedro-Ximenez Sherry casks for ten months. The intensely sweet, dark, dessert sherry-infused cask infuses in to our already complex and smooth spirit, adding layers of raisin, molasses and christmas spice.

Most cask gins are put into tiny barrels which imparts a flavour in weeks. We opt to mature in 250 litre sherry butt which necessitates a longer maturation period to get a balanced flavour but brings a much richer and far more complex character from the toasted barrels.

The result is a spirit which confounds and delights the senses.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, the influence of the Sherry is unmistakable which, together with the aromatic pine of our gin delivers a punch of the aroma of sun-baked pine forests.  

On the palate, the raisin and molasses spice of the PX drench the tastebuds, with a honey sweetness and warm woody spice which gets lifted by bright orange citrus.  Extraordinarily smooth the finish goes on and on with the overall impression of christmas pudding permeating the senses.

Serving suggestion

We suggest savouring this spirit at length over ice with a twist of sweet orange zest.

Alternatively try as the base for short cocktails such as a Martinez or a Negroni, where the softness and complexity of the spirit will elevate those classic serves to new levels. For a longer serve, a splash of ginger ale and a slice of orange.